AILA South Florida's
42nd Annual CLE

February 24-26, 2021


We are experienced immigration paralegals providing a broad range of virtual contract legal support services to immigration attorneys nationwide. We also offer quick turnaround and flat rate billing, enabling attorneys to improve the quality of their legal services while reducing their fixed costs. We assist attorneys with a variety of family-based immigration cases, removal & deportation, appeals, legal research, and much more…

Throughout our years of experience in the immigration field—working on hundreds of cases—we have produced great results, especially with the BIA & Cir. Court of Appeals. 

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Immigration Paralegal Services, LLC is not a law firm, nor is licensed to practice law, authorized to provide any form of legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. Immigration Paralegal Services, LLC works exclusively under lawyers’ direct instructions and supervision, and we do NOT provide services to the general public. It is important for us to reiterate this clearly and unequivocally: our clients are licensed U.S. immigration attorneys in need of virtual contract paralegal support. We do not, will not, cannot, and never have assisted the general public on matters of law, immigration law or otherwise.