AILA South Florida's
42nd Annual CLE

February 24-26, 2021

AILA South Florida's 42nd Annual CLE

AILA South Florida's 42nd Annual CLE

  • Speaker Practice Room

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    Speaker Practice Room for the AILA South Florida CLE Conference

    Speaker Practice Room for the AILA South Florida CLE Conference

    Miriam Acosta-Castriz

    Matt Adams

    Zachary A. Albun

    Christine J. Alden

    Charity Anastasio

    Maggie Arias

    Bridgette M. Bennett

    Jesse M. Bless

    Ally Bolour

    Raymond R. Bolourtchi

    Blaine Bookey

    Benedicte Boutrouille

    Ilaria Cacopardo

    Florence Chamberlin

    Greg Chen

    Sui Chung

    Dree K. Collopy

    Carem Corvaia

    Emily J. Creighton

    Andrea Crumrine

    Ramon E. Curiel

    Jeffrey A. Devore

    Jocelyn Dyer

    Jack Finkelman

    Luciana Zamith Fischer

    Kari Ann Fonte

    Tammy Fox-Isicoff

    Alexandra Friz-Garcia

    John Gihon

    Kate Melloy Goettel

    Juan Carlos Gomez

    Enrique Gonzalez

    Kevin A. Gregg

    Marcela Gyires

    Michael A. Harris

    Eugenio Hernandez

    Patricia Hernandez

    Tasneem Zaman

    Jeff Joseph

    Vanessa Joseph

    Mary Kramer

    Charles Kuck

    Ira J. Kurzban

    Oliver J. Langstadt

    Olivia Serene Lee

    Romy Lerner

    Cynthia Lucas

    Kristin Macleod-Ball

    Randolph P. McGrorty

    Jeremy L. McKinney

    Maria Mejia-Opaciuch

    Jennifer A. Minear

    Andrea Montavon-McKillip

    Krystin Montersil

    Alicia Morgan

    Anabel Nataros

    Victor D. Nieblas Pradis

    Jaclyn O'Connor

    John Opaciuch

    Allen Orr

    Michelle Ortiz

    Linda Osberg-Braun

    Farshad Owji

    Kristie-Anne Padron

    Helena Tetzeli

    Trisha Pasdach

    Jan Pederson

    Taymoor M. Pilehvar

    A. Renée Pobjecky

    Gina Polo

    Ada B. Pozo

    Mark Prada

    John Pratt

    Daphne M. Query

    Jacob L. Ratzan

    Ruben Reyes

    Rebeca Sanchez-Roig

    Solimar Santos

    Michael Sharma-Crawford

    Rekha Sharma-Crawford

    Rebecca Sharpless

    Solimar Santos

    Michael Sharma-Crawford

    Rekha Sharma-Crawford

    Rebecca Sharpless

    Sandra Sheridan Reguerin

    Adonia R. Simpson

    Greg Siskind

    Denise N. Slavin

    William A. Stock

    Kelli Stump

    Cassandra Suprin

    Francisco “Frank” Symphorien-Saavedra

    Helena Tetzeli

    Reid F. Trautz

    Jennifer Vargas

    Michael Vastine

    Dahlia Walker-Huntington

    Isaac Wheeler

    Yeslly Herrera

  • Keynote Speech and Hot Topics Update

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    Introductory Remarks from AILA South Florida President & CLE Administration Committee Chair Keynote Speech Hot Topics Panel with Gregory Chen, Sui Chung and Kari Ann Fonte

    Introductory remarks from AILA South Florida President, Maggie Arias, and CLE Administration Committee Chair, Anabel Nataros. 

    Keynote Speech from Jennifer A. Minear. 

    Hot Topics Panel will provide status updates on local and national detention, ICE check-ins, stays, and practice pointers; February 1st guidance, interpretation and implementation, impact on case engagement with ICE ERO and OPLA; immigration court changes and trends based on case flow processing, ECAS, scheduling orders, ICPM and policy manual; H-1B/DOL regulations; visa bans; biometrics and receipt delays with USCIS, national trends at Field Offices; executive actions implemented and expected from the Biden administration; immigration legislation, including the Biden Day 1 bill; review of the status of key Trump regulations; and AILA’s top priorities for executive action.

    Speakers: Gregory Chen, Sui Chung, Kari Ann Fonte and Maggie Arias (Facilitator).

    Maggie Arias

    Anabel Nataros

    Jennifer A. Minear

    Sui Chung

    Gregory Chen

    Kari Ann Fonte