AILA South Florida's
42nd Annual CLE

February 24-26, 2021

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for putting on such a great annual AILA South Florida conference under very challenging circumstances this year!  I have been a member of AILA for 20 years, and have attended the AILA Annual South Florida Conference for as long as I can remember, back to the days when it was at the Hyatt in Miami, then Jungle Island, and now virtually.  I would never miss it.  There is always so much information, some new, some reinforced, and great tips that I apply to my cases as I hear them, and when I encounter an issue in the days and weeks and months beyond the conference itself.  This year, I had the ability to do work in between sessions, in my office and not on my phone, which was invaluable.  


"I must say that this year's panelists were exceptional, not that they aren't always, but these were approachable, they were attorneys that I know and have known for so long, like Jacob and Miriam.  There wasn't the "elite" group, that was so overrepresented in the past.  For me, any time I get to hear Ira Kurzban speak is a day that I remember for a very long time and I hang on to his every word.  I always wish I had taped him because he flies through cases and the cites come so fast ...Of course, classes with Prof. Kramer are a treat in themselves!"  


"All in all, congratulations on a job extremely well done.” Roberta M. Deutsch


“Although this year the conference was virtual and I missed catching up with my colleagues in person. This year’s virtual conference delivered fun interactive, cutting edge, informative panels customary of our in-person conference.”Patricia Hernandez


"I have been attending the AILA South Florida Conference for over 20 years and this 2021 virtual conference was one of the best. The level of organization that it took to present an informative and interesting virtual conference is a testament to chapter president Maggie Arias and her team and was an amazing accomplishment. It was encouraging to see a wide range of speakers that showcased the talented AILA attorneys from around the country in the new virtual format." Dahlia Walker-Huntington


“As always, this year’s AILA South Florida annual conference provided of the moment, practical information and tips for all levels of practice, this time with the convenience of Zoom.” Helena Tetzeli


“I was initially worried about having a 3-day-conference completely online... but once I opened the AILA South Florida CLE Website and saw how organized it was, I got really excited about the upcoming panels.  The conference surpassed my expectations: the online format was very good and the content extremely relevant.  Of course I missed seeing all my colleagues... but considering we are in a pandemic, I think the AILA South Florida CLE organizers did a fantastic job!” Andrea Canona

"Thank you Maggie for a wonderful conference!   The entire AILA South Florida team put on a phenomenal event with great materials, panels, speakers, and all for a tremendous value over the 3 days.  I encourage Immigration Attorneys or anyone who wants to learn more about Immigration Law to participate in the future events from our local chapter." Immigration Attorney Seth D. Finberg